It’s been YEARS!

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I have been running in Asics shoes for years I’ve owned about 12 pairs of Nimbus (10,11,12,13,14) and a couple pairs of Cumulus too.  Until the last two version of the Nimbus I have been very happy.  I had a couple pair of the 13s (bought both at the same time) and they both ended up giving me some extra aches and pains.   Nothing bad but just a new pain that I never had before.  The shelf life of them is excellent I logged WELL over 500 miles in every single pair of Asics.  Brooks on the other had were good for 250 tops.  That’s another story.

Today I ventured out of my comfort zone and bought a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 15s.  They feel superb and I am very optimistic.  The reviews I have read are very favorable.  SO these will be my training shoes but I hvae a strong urge to move to less of a shoe.  The Altras are on the way and will be rolled in to get me toward a more minimal style of running.  Luckily I am already a fore-footer so that transition will not be much of shock to me but I am still hesitant.  I have heard SO many bad stories about zero drop and minimal shoes.  I’ll add mileage to them slowly.


That’s all nothing serious or interesting for that matter.


Fix that Garmin Forerunner 305/ 405 Wristband!

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How to fix a broken Garmin Forerunner 405 Wrist Band

If you have a Garmin Forerunner 405 then you have or will be looking at repairing or replacing the stock rubber watch band that comes with the device. I have broken and glued mine back into service 4 times. But I found a more permanent fix that cost about $2.00.


Needs -
Broken Band for a Garmin 305, 405 or XT versions of those two
Velcro Cable Organizer things
Super Glue or 3M Double Stick Foam Pads.

1- Snip off the frayed ends of the strap and snip of the clasp on the business end of the band

2 – Route the end of the velcro strap with the looping hole through the top of the band at about 1″ from the end of the band (see pic)

3 – Secure the looping hope (wider) end of the velco to the top of the band with super glue or the double sided adhesive pad. (see pic)

4 – Now put the watch on and pull the other end of the velcro over your wrist and through one of the holes on the band.

5 – Stick the stick the two ends of the velcro strap together at a comfortable position and snip of the extra material.


STABILicers Review

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Running in the winter is fun.  There I said it.  I think there are a few out there who would agree.  But getting out in the dark or just during the sunrise while crunching away on some fresh powder is just so invigorating.  Yes’s it’s cold but it’s clear, yes it’s tough to breathe in the sub zero temps but it’s quiet.  You see, I can find a reason to get out there and play in the snow regardless of anything thrown at me.  But one thing that will make me hesitate is ice.

Having a nasty fall in the middle of the dark, cold, snow is a horrible way to start your morning.  Either you need to be really careful (and still fall BTW) or find a solution in order to gain some traction.

A few weeks ago 32 North contacted me and asked be to review a pair of their STABILicers Sport ice cleats.  Shortly after being contacted, a box arrived in the mail.  THANK YOU!!

The cleats along with some handy dandy stickers that my son quickly swiped were ready for use.  The package was very simple and included instructions on how to “install” them.  Essentially you grab them and stretch them like crazy with yoru hands.  Stretch them a bunch and then stretch them some more.  The more you stretch the easier they will go on and the better they will feel.  If not stretched enough the cleat will want to pull together again and will cause the toe of the shoe to bend back.  NOT COMFORTABLE.


 After I got them attached and ready to rock all I needed was some snow.  Low and behold the very next day my wish was granted.

This snow was dusted on top of the previous few days’ packed and hard snow which made for normally treacherous running  / walking conditions.  With the STABILicers my traction  was superb.  I was running with no fear, 100% confidence that my footing was reliable.

If you are looking for a very reliable way to gain traction on ice these are an excellent option.  When running in deeper snow (3″+) If found them to be a bit less helpful than some other products on the market.  But then again other products on the market are not as good on glare ice either.

One drawback for the STABILicers does effect me as a runner, the weight.  As a runner… as a runner who like to run fast I don’t want anything holding me back.  The weight for a pair of STABILicers Sport in my size (11.5) is 420 grams.  That is almost a pound.  That means you are adding ~ 1/2 # to each shoe.  For a runner that is a major consideration.  A hiker who is not running it’s not quite as bad.  Or if you are ice fishing, hunting, or just playing outside these are excellent.  But as a runner some of the competition have a lighter product that is very functional.  One alternative that I own is only 178 grams for the pair.  MUCH lighter and still very functional.

Again – these are an excellent product and do deliver what they say.  They need to be lighter in order for the running community to embrace them.  Without a doubt the technology exists and I’m sure prototypes are in the works at 32 North.

I would like to thank 32 North for their willingness to offer me a sample of their product and would be honored to evaluate any other new products developed.


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